What to wear to a spa massage

A spa massage is often an enjoyable way to get relief from stress and relax. But for those who are new to getting massages, it can be a little confusing what to wear to a spa massage. When in doubt, it is always good to dress in layers. It is easy enough to find some comfortable loose-fitting clothes, such as a nice tank top, while slippers are usually a good choice for a spa massage too.

There are a couple of things that you should never wear to a spa massage. First, you should not wear any jewelry, since a lot of the time the masseuse will be working his or her hands over your body. Second, it is wise to avoid any clothing that could get in the way of the massage therapist, since they have a lot of work to do with their hands on you. Finally, you should stay clear of flip flops or very low heeled shoes, since they tend to slip on slippery surfaces.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, and one of them is when you have on loose-fitting layers of clothing that are either practical or comfortable. Tank tops and shirts are ideal choices for a spa day. Also, if you have a good pair of sweatpants, you can layer them with a sports jersey and office suit over a sports bra. Coveralls are usually a good choice for a spa massage too. They can keep you warm and dry.

Other than that, there is no other type of clothing that you should wear to a spa massage other than the appropriate covers. For example, it would be silly to wear a skirt to get a Swedish massage. Likewise, you would be silly to wear a bathing suit to get a deep tissue massage. If you have to wear a swimsuit, try to stay away from the skimpy kind or the ones with ruffles. They will make you itch and irritate your skin, which isn’t exactly the goal of what to wear to a spa massage.

If you’re going to wear lingerie to a spa massage, you might as well do so while completely covered up. Even if you don’t feel like wearing any clothes at all, you can still look absolutely stunning! This is because the typical spa environment is designed to be sensual, and when you have a sexy body to show off, you can definitely accomplish your goal of what to wear to a spa massage.

However, if you do choose to wear something more revealing, you need to make sure that you know what to wear to a spa massage before you take your big step into the unknown. If you are nervous about being naked in front of others, then go ahead and practice being nude for this particular occasion. Get used to feeling exposed, but not to the point where you feel uncomfortable. It will come a lot easier to you at the spa.

Another thing that you should know about what to wear to a spa massage is that you shouldn’t wear your favorite pair of sweatpants. You’ll also want to avoid wearing any undergarments, especially during this time. These include things like tights, pantyhose, and bra pant sets. These items are considered to be very invasive and can interfere with the massage therapist’s ability to provide a proper massage. Also, no matter what you wear, you should always remember to wash and air out your clothes before putting them on. You don’t want any germs getting transmitted from you to the therapist while he or she is working on you!

While you should be comfortable and not worry about what to wear to a spa massage, you still might want to dress a little more formally than you would for a normal day at work. Since you will probably be in the spa dressing as well as when you get out, you’ll be looking and feeling a lot more formal than you would if you went to a regular day care or even a bank. The bottom line is, look as good as you can in your bathing suit, and just relax and enjoy yourself. After all, it’s supposed to be a relaxing, luxurious day out!